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Equipment and connectivity

in Villa de Leyva

As a result of the Covid-19 health emergency, the connectivity problem for students in the public schools of Villa de Leyva has worsened.

These children walk every morning looking for connection to know what to study, work at home and then send homework in the afternoon on WhatsApp.

This is the story of Jimmy, a 14-year-old boy who lives in a village near Villa de Leyva and who became the first Educaiton beneficiary in the area.

Jimmy lives with his mother and his 6-year-old sister, they don't have internet at home, so every morning he walks 15 minutes to one of the nearby houses with WiFi, downloads the tasks for the day and at the end of the afternoon he goes again to send them to their teachers via WhatsApp before going home.

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Like him, there are dozens more at his school (the Antonio Ricaurte de Villa de Leyva) and on his sidewalk who need quality internet access now!

This is Andrés Eduardo story; help us to improve his connectivity.

And this is Jhoan; we want to keep on providing happiness to kids. Help us.

Maikol and his little sister María Alejandra needed equipment in order keep on studying at her school and his high school, now they have it. Would you keep on helping us?

Valerith y Valeska live with their mother, before they couldn't send or receive their homework. Thanks for helping us!

Educaiton gave the 5 kids of Fontalvo Beltrán family equipment so they can attend to their schools' virtual classes. Support us!

10 years old Miguel Angel would no longer need to look for a neighbor's WiFi network to connect from his mother's cell phone. Donate! 

With his new tablet and 4G SIM, David Santiago and his sisters will be able to study from home. Keep on donating.

Edwin Andres and Kevin Damian dream with becoming a veterinary and a doctor, they are now closer to making it happen. Would you donate?

María Fernanda and hser siser take care of the house while her mother is out working 10 hours a day, six days a week. Attending her virtual classes is now a reality. Help Educaiton!

In August 2021, thanks to the donations received in our Global Giving campaign , we delivered 5 tablets to students at ITINAR (Antonio Ricaurte Technical Institute) who will now be able to improve their access to virtual education but also be able to do their jobs better and tasks on a more suitable device and they will also be able to continue using it when they start their technical training.


These are some memories of the delivery of the teams and the thanks of the young people:

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