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What and why we do it

Inequality in access to virtual education is the main problem in our societies and in Educaiton  we seek to reduce it by donating equipment and maintaining connectivity.


Children, youth and adults are today losing the opportunity to continue their education because they have no way to connect.


Since May 2020 we facilitate equipment, connectivity and content to improve the education of those who need it most .


We link those who want to support and those who need it in the area that most reduces inequality.


EducaITOn works thanks to personal and business contributions   and to alliances with private and public media which act as facilitators of educational content and contact with the beneficiaries.

EducaITOn seeks to benefit hundreds of thousands of children, youth and adults by giving them a computer equipment connected to the Internet, the tools to use it, and educational content so that they can be a better professional and a better citizen.

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