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Connectivity, education and training

for adults 

Doormen and trustworthy staff want to improve their skills, learn about various subjects and make better use of their leisure time.


This was confirmed after several surveys carried out in various buildings in Usaquén in Bogotá.

Languages, programming, efficiency in the workplace, history, cultures, hairdressing and aesthetics are some of the knowledge they would like to acquire.

Porters, ejanitors, domiciliary. . . They spend an average of three hours a day going to and from their jobs and cannot connect as they cannot afford 4G connectivity.

By giving them access to educational content we enable them to train better, we make citizens happier, more productive and more civic-minded.

Cleaning the Dishes
Let's narrow the differences
Let's increase opportunities

What if we reduce or eliminate the frustration felt by thousands of people who have not been able to access the studies they wanted and still retain the illusion of learning things that improve their lives and theirs family?

They have the time and the desire, even a smartphone, but they don't have constant internet connectivity or educational content, helping is easy.

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